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I have never been a breakfast (or morning!) person. I would much rather have a huge meal at dinner…although that’s not ideal for the diet, I know. But over the years I have realized that breakfast really IS the most important meal of the day. And so I started making these quick and easy parfaits. They are especially cute served in a wine glass when friends come over for brunch too! A delicious and healthy way to start the day.

4 cups of oats to start…

DRY MIX: Mix oats with brown sugar, coconut (optional) and chopped nuts (walnuts, almonds and pecans used here.)

Heat vanilla, oil and honey in saucepan and add to dry mix.

Spread mixture on large cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees until golden brown (stir occasionally.)

Once out of oven, stir in handful of cranberries or craisins.

Pile high with vanilla Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. Served in a wine glass…

…with an extra long spoon.

Store remaining granola in a cute mason jar and leave on countertop for snacking.

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July 11 2012

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