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There is a popular juice spot in the East Village of New York called Liquiteria. It’s where I became addicted to a juice called the “grasshopper” – a mix of apple, pear, pineapple, wheatgrass and mint. All of the good  for you leafy ingredients mixed with fruit equal a (seriously) delicious and healthy dose of vitamins. I liked it so much, that I invested in a juicer so I could make it (along with many other juice recipes, fresh apple juice, etc…) whenever I wanted. I try to fill a large bottle twice a week and keep it in the fridge. It’s the perfect pick me up that has incredible benefits for your skin and body.

I’ll drink to that.

*I just experimented with the portions for each…it sort of always changes, but this is the average. You can customize as you go, if you like more or less of something it’s ok, you really can’t mess it up! 
1 Pineapple
About 15 Mint leaves
About 1/2 pack Wheatgrass
3 Pears
4 Apples
1. Cut everything so it fits in the juicer slot (mint leaves are okay as they are)
2. Turn on your juicer. Two juicers I recommend are HUROM and BELLA NurtriPro 
2. Add in fruit in order listed above. You can add in a few apples after each to help push it through
3. You can store in mini mason jars too (cute and great for kids)

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February 17 2013

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